Women's Health, Fertility & IVF

Women's health in Chinese Medicine

The use of acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine for the treatment of women's health conditions has been undertaken for thousands of years. More recently, an increase in research is starting to provide evidence for  its effectiveness as well as explanations as to it's mechanism of action.
For many people, Chinese medicine provides a holistic, drug free approach to regulate a variety of women's health conditions, providing not only short term symptom relief, but long lasting improvements to overall health & wellness.

What is the TCM approach to women's health?
Something we discuss with all our clients is the importance of 'the bigger picture'. In Chinese medicine we view each presenting symptom as a piece of a puzzle. By looking at your overall health and clinical history, we piece the individual symptoms which may seem unrelated together. Women's reproductive health is an integral part of healthy physiology, however knowing how your symptoms fit in with your overall health allows us to better understand the why, and underlying causes- and the how, in order to treat effectively.  The more accurate and personalised our diagnosis is, the more precise and tailored our treatment becomes.
It is this philosophy that allows TCM to treat not only a symptom, but the underlying causes, and provide a treatment that benefits overall health in a sustained way.

How can Chinese Medicine help me?
Acupuncture & Chinese medicine is commonly used to manage a variety of conditions such as 


- Endometriosis

- Period pain

- Irregular cycles

- Fertility support

- IVF treatment support

- Pregnancy support

- After birth support

- Postpartum depression

The guiding principle behind our approach is to regulate the menstrual cycle to ensure healthy reproductive physiology without the reliance on hormone replacement or drugs which often have adverse effects.

If you have questions about how Chinese medicine & acupuncture will benefit you, don't hesitate to get in touch today or book online now.