Chinese Medicine in Bella Vista


The Clinic

Located in the bustling centre of Norwest Business Park- To the Point Heath Norwest is ideally situated to service the local, and business communities of The Hills district.


What We do

Using the tools of Traditional Chinese Medicine we provide
- relief from pain
- sports injury medicine
- stress relief and psychological support
- digestive support
- IVF support & fertility treatment
- women's health treatment
- cancer care and chemo support
- and much more

Herbert Huiskamp B.HSc TCM (UTS)

 Herbert graduated from a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at UTS in 2014. After a six week internship in the Japan/ China Friendship hospital in Beijing, he returned to open practice in the Blue Mountains, operating Hazelbrook Acupuncture. He now splits his time between both clinics .

A short Bio on Herbert for UTS Science  filmed by Bondi Films